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#16 - Meet the ski guide Emelie Stenberg in this episode of a skier's podcast. The Swedish skier who became a ski guide in Canada and is still lives over there in Revelstoke. Emelie has a great passion for skiing and we talk about her path to becoming a ski guide and what it is like to be a guide. What motivates her and is there something about the guide profession that is what it seemed to be. What kind of situations does Emelie think are the most difficult in her guide profession? This and more you can hear about in this episode. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#15 - In this episode you will meet Ebba Forsgren. A skier who is passionate about sustainability and almost always has a smile on her face. Ebba was born and raised in Åre so skiing has always been a part of her life. Ebba wants to share her love for mountains and skiing and she also wants to give young people an alternative to the usual competition-oriented ski sports. That is why she is one of the three founders of WeRide, a newly started freeriding community that wants share the love of skiing to young people. If you are curious about WeRide you should check out weride.are on instagram. Enjoy! (This podcast is in swedish)

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It started with the thought that I wanted to listen to a podcast about skiing. I could find a few but I wanted more. I had an idea of some interesting and inspiring people I wanted to listen to so I decided to start my own podcast. I am just a regular person that loves skiing and this is my way to incorporate more skiing in my everyday life. The podcast will have episodes in Swedish as well as English depending on the nationality of the guest and the fact I’m only fluent in Swedish and (almost) English. Hope you will enjoy it! /Mikaela