Podcast episodes

#17 - Tove Kockum is a skier who loves to ski all over the mountain and with a passion for avalanche safety. She is involved in and of the people running the foundation Skiers Left. Skiers Left works to increase avalanche knowledge and change attitudes towards off-piste skiing. In this episode, Tove talks about the foundation and her own joy of skiing. We also talk about her own experiences about avalanches and how it affected her. We recorded the podcast online so the sound is not the best but I'll hope you will survive! (This podcast is in Swedish)

You can find the POdcast in iTunes and Acast, hope you will enjoy it!

#16 - Meet the ski guide Emelie Stenberg in this episode of a skier's podcast. The Swedish skier who became a ski guide in Canada and is still lives over there in Revelstoke. Emelie has a great passion for skiing and we talk about her path to becoming a ski guide and what it is like to be a guide. What motivates her and is there something about the guide profession that is what it seemed to be. What kind of situations does Emelie think are the most difficult in her guide profession? This and more you can hear about in this episode. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#15 - In this episode you will meet Ebba Forsgren. A skier who is passionate about sustainability and almost always has a smile on her face. Ebba was born and raised in Åre so skiing has always been a part of her life. Ebba wants to share her love for mountains and skiing and she also wants to give young people an alternative to the usual competition-oriented ski sports. That is why she is one of the three founders of WeRide, a newly started freeriding community that wants share the love of skiing to young people. If you are curious about WeRide you should check out weride.are on instagram. WeRide, love of skiing, sustainability and climate are some of the topics we will cover in this section. Enjoy! (This podcast is in swedish)

#14 - In this episode you will meet the photographer Sofia Sjöberg. We talked about her choosing to become a photographer instead of a more traditional job after studying the civil engineer program at the University. What is her motivation and what is she looking for in a picture? How did it all start and what does she want to do in the future? You will hear this and a lot more in this episode. You can find the podcast on spotify, acast and Itunes, simply where podcasts are to be found. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#13 - In this episode I met up with Josefina Wersén and Thea Wallberg and we talked about mogul skiing since they're both a part of the national mogul ski team. How did they get started with mogul skiing and how does it work? We talk about how it felt to join the national ski team when they were 14 and 15 years old. Do they ever get scared when they crash in the jumps? We talk about this and a lot of other things in this episode so tune in! (This podcast is in swedish)

#12 - In this episode you will meet Caroline Strömberg. A skier who never get enough of skiing and has been competing in freeride or the last 10 years. We talk about Inspire Us, a network and platform that works for a gender-equal action sports industry, where Caroline is one of the co-founders. We talk about the start of her and her feeling about the upcoming season. What are her strengths and weaknesses as a skier? Listen and I promise you that you will get a lot of inspiration from Caroline! (This episode is in swedish)

#11 - In the eleventh episode of a skier's podcast you will meet Albin Jansson from Åre Ski Factory. We talk about how to make a ski. What materials are being used, what are the different properties for the material and what are the layers in a ski? Radius, rocker and camber are terms we discussed, but what do these words really mean? And what to think about when you are about to get yourself a new pair of skies? Listen and learn! (This podcast is in swedish)

#10 - In the tenth episode of a skiers podcast you will meet Maja Tössberg who is a skier with great drive and commitment regarding the environmental issue. Maja is the chairman of the Swedish section of the organization Protect our winters (POW). Protect our winters is an organization that, if you put it in simple way, wants to save the winter and in this episode we will focus on what that means. You will get suggestions on what you can do to become more climate-smart. We also talk about how Maja finds energy through skiing to continue fighting for the climate and how she has changed, among other things, her travels down to the Alps to be more climate smart. (This podcast is in Swedish

#9 - In the ninth episode you will meet Lovisa Rosengren a great and humble skier who won the Salomons competition Dream Trip. Dream trip is a competition that is arranged by the brand Salomon where anyone can submit their application with their dream ski trip. Lovisa submitted her application to go to Kashmir and won! In this episode, we focus on that particular trip that she went on in 2017 and how it was for Lovisa to go to India together with some of Salomons best skiers. Lovisa tells us about both the cultural differences she saw and how it actually came too much snow, a problem that doesn't happen too often. Want to see the film: http://tv.salomon.com/story/dreamtrip3#overlay (This podcast is in swedish)

#8 - In this is episode you will meet Jackie Paaso and it is the first episode in english. Jackie is a freerider that always goes big and skies with style. She is a veteran in the freeride world tour and she always brings a show to the table. This episode was recorded in the fall of 2017 so it is some time ago. But you will get to know Jackie as a skier and all of the projects that she is working/worked on. One of the projects has been released and it is called “Evolution of dreams”, check it out! We are also talking about depression and Jackie is sharing her story. A important subject that we need to talk more about. Thank you Jackie for sharing and hopefully more people will be able share their stories. (This podcast is in english)

#7 - Gabriella Edebo is a skier that just loves skiing, it doesn't matter if it is rainy or if it is a powder day, as long as she gets to ski then all is good. When she is not out on the hill and playing around, she manages the film festival untracked film tour, is a ski coach and web editor (among other things) at the swedish ski magazine Åka Skidor. In this episode we talk about, among other things, how it was to go to China to be a ski coach for a Chinese team with the focus on the 2022 Olympics. Gabriella also gives some advice if you are looking to make ski films or want to be a writer in Åka skidor magazine. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#6- Nike Bent the skier who loves speed.  Nike is currently working as sports director in Tänndalen in Sweden but has a previous career as a successful downhill skier in the Swedish national team. We are talking about how she went from winning the Swedish National Championships to shortly afterwards start in her first world cup race, how important the mental training is and we also talk about her career as a coach that started when she was injured and had to stop competing. This podcast is in Swedish.

#5 - Karin Stöckel the skier from the north of Sweden that works in the mine when she not finding outdoors adventures.  We talk about how she went from racer to freerider and what she loves about the sport. Karin is passionate about gender equality, and in the podcast she talks about how she sees the problem today. She shares how she thinks you can approach the topic when in a situation you feel is not alright. So tune and to listen to Karins wise words as well as the story of the skier.

(This podcast is in Swedish)

#4 - Ina Vikören is the skier from Norway who likes to play in her own backyard, she works with informing how we humans influence the environment and what we can do about it. In this episode, we are talking about how Ina (coming from the rainy city Bergen) found the love for skiing, how she became an environmentalist and she gives us many clever tips on how to become environmentally aware. Enjoy! (This podcast is in Norwegian)

#3 - Sandra Näslund -  The skier Sandra Näslund competes in Skicross and loves to go fast, jump big and to be challenged technically. In this podcast, Sandra tells us more about the sport that is growing and that is still relatively unknown to the public. Sandra tells us about the journey into Skicross and shares the feeling of being historic in winning the World Cup and Junior World Cup Gold during the same season. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#2 - Emma Dahlström - In the second podcast you will meet Emma Dahlström the skier that competes in slopestyle and big air. Emma talks about the feeling of being in the air, the feeling of skiing sand slopes and how she mentally had to work to get back to the big jumps after her injurie. (This podcast is in Swedish)

#1 - Lotten Rapp - In the first podcast episode you will meet Lotten Rapp, a great freeride skier from Sweden. In this episode Lotten will share the road to becoming a professional freerider, the hard reality of being in a sport with high risks and her, maybe unknown, talent. (This podcast is in Swedish)